Granicus Team Delivers Gift Bags to Patients at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

Yellow Ribbon Fund, Inc., Sarah Kim and the Granicus executive team had an opportunity to deliver welcome bags to patients recovering from recent surgeries and treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (NMMC) in Bethesda, MD. The Commanding Officer of Walter Reed stated that NMMC is the casualty collection point for the US Military. They've cared for over 30,000 wounded, ill and injured service members in their emergency department in 2016 alone. They've treated over 17,000 military members facing the most catastrophic wounds, injuries, and diseases since 2001. The Granicus team had an opportunity to engage in dialogue and hear personal insights from current patients & families navigating rehabilitation. They also received a tour of the MATC (Military Advanced Training Center) to give them a better understanding of what the recovery process is like for our service members. The welcome bags from Granicus and YRF include essential items that are useful during the recovery process. -Wellness items -Noise-cancelling headphones -WholeFoods Gift Cards -Notebooks -Hand sanitizer wipes Etc.
Posted by Kate on 4/30/2018 1:03:14 PM