Yellow Ribbon Fund collaborates with two different universities to provide scholarships:




Wounded Warriors Scholarship Program - Colorado Technical University

In 2008, Colorado Technical University created the Wounded Warriors Scholarship Program in collaboration with YRF.  Since then, CTU has provided fifty per year for a total of 450 scholarships worth over $6 million.

25 of the annual scholarships are awarded to service members and veterans and the other 25 are awarded to spouses or caregivers. This year, CTU is also accepting applications from eligible college-ready dependent children. 

"Taking care of an injured soldier is a physical and mental challenge for caregivers. I am so proud to have received the scholarship." -Deborah Fletcher, 2015 Recipient, Associate of Science in Business Administration Student

 To learn more and apply visit:



Pillars of Strength Scholarship Program- University of Maryland University College

The Pillars of Strength Scholarship Program honors the exceptional sacrifices of the family and non-family volunteer caregivers of our nation's injured service members. Because this extraordinary commitment often causes caregivers to delay their personal pursuits, the fund was established to assist them in achieving their educational goals.                                                                       

The Pillars of Strength program is supported and managed by the Yellow Ribbon Fund and The Blewitt Foundation, each serving the severely wounded and their families, in association with UMUC, a global provider of higher education to our nation’s military since 1947.

The application period for this year's scholarships has closed but please check back next year between December 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018 to apply. You can find out more about the program here.