How To Select The Right Military Charity For Donation

| September 27, 2022 | Ariana Caragliano

When supporting our U.S. service men and women, many look to donate to a military charity. With so many different organizations, however, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best fit. Here are a few questions to ask military nonprofits when looking for a charity to support.

What Questions To Ask A Nonprofit Organization?

Donating to a military nonprofit organization can be a great way to support a cause you care about. However, it’s essential to do your research on the organization before donating. By asking the right questions before donating to a nonprofit organization, you can be sure that your donation is going towards a good cause. The questions you should ask include the following:

What Is The Organization’s Mission?

When looking at a potential military charity, you should first consider the organization’s mission. What do they hope to achieve? Do their goals align with your values? If you’re passionate about providing educational opportunities for military caregivers, for example, you may want to consider a charity like Yellow Ribbon Fund.

Yellow Ribbon Fund’s mission seeks to offer supplemental assistance to wounded, ill and injured service members and their caregivers—bridging the gap between their needs and earned benefits and enabling families to stay together during critical recuperation.

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What Is The Nonprofit’s Status? Is The Military Charity A 501(C)(3)?

A 501(c)(3) is a designation given by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to nonprofit organizations that are exempt from federal income tax. This designation is critical because it allows donors to deduct their contributions from their taxes and allows the organization to apply for grants and other forms of funding.

To receive 501(c)(3) status, an organization must meet specific requirements such as having a charitable purpose and abstaining from political activities. Additionally, once an organization has been granted 501(c)(3) status, it must maintain its compliance to retain its exemption. For many nonprofits, the 501(c)(3) designation is essential to their operation.

How Long Has The Nonprofit Been In Business?

When considering a military nonprofit to support, many donors look at the organization’s track record to see how long it has been in operation. A nonprofit that has been around for several years is often seen as more credible and trustworthy than a startup. As a result, new donors may feel more confident that their money will be well spent. Additionally, a nonprofit with a long history is likely to have established relationships with other individuals and organizations in the community, improving its ability to secure additional resources. Furthermore, a nonprofit serving the community for many years is likely to have a good understanding of the needs of those it serves and may be better equipped to identify practical solutions. As such, a nonprofit’s years of service is an important consideration for potential donors.

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How Much Of Each Dollar Donated Goes To The Charity’s Services And Programs?

Being financially responsible is essential for any organization, but it’s especially critical for a nonprofit military charity. After all, donors trust that their money will be used wisely to further the charitable mission and enable meaningful results. On the other hand, mismanagement of funds can damage a charity’s reputation and make it difficult to attract future donations. Additionally, financial irresponsibility can lead to fines and legal troubles, which can drain resources that could be used to help those in need. For these reasons, nonprofits must maintain high integrity and financial responsibility.

One indicator, for example, is the percentage of every dollar raised to support the nonprofit’s mission. Yellow Ribbon Fund shares that 88 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to programs and services for our heroes and their families.

By carefully managing their finances, nonprofits can ensure they can achieve their charitable goals and positively impact the world.

How Does The Nonprofit Use Its Donations?

When you donate to a military charity, you want to know that your money will be wisely spent. One way to get an idea of how efficiently a charity uses its donations is by looking at its overhead costs. You can find this information on charity rating and review websites.

Who Is On The Nonprofit's Board Of Directors?

Who Is On The Nonprofit’s Board Of Directors?

When you donate to a charity, you want to be confident that your money is going to a good cause. One way to research a charity’s legitimacy is to look at its board of directors members.

The board of directors is responsible for the overall governance of the charity, including its finances. By looking at who is on the board, you can get an idea of whether the charity is being run responsibly.

Furthermore, board members must disclose any potential conflicts of interest. This information can help determine whether a particular charity is worth your donation. In short, it pays to do your homework before donating to a charity. Asking who is on its board of directors is an excellent way to start your research.

What Programs Does The Military Nonprofit Offer Its Recipients?

The next step is to examine the different programs the military charity offers. Do they have programs targeting the specific issue you’re passionate about?

Yellow Ribbon Fund, for example, has two main programs: Crossroads and Keystone.

The Crossroads Program steps in to help when a family learns that their post-9/11 service member has been severely wounded, injured, or rendered ill. Unfortunately, many families lack the financial resources to relocate immediately, and most find the logistical details of finding accommodations and transportation in an unfamiliar city overwhelming. The Crossroads Program bridges this gap by providing no-cost, safe, comfortable hotel accommodations and transportation.

The Keystone Program is dedicated to helping post-9/11 service member caregivers through the challenges of providing care to their loved ones. The program provides comprehensive support for these individuals, including mental health services and life skills training that will assist them in finding jobs or other ways to live comfortably with loved ones recovering from illnesses and injuries.

How Is The Nonprofit Run?

It’s also important to consider how exactly the military charity is run. Is it a well-organized organization with a clear structure? Does it have a diverse board of directors? Is the staff composed of experts in their field? You can get a good sense of this by looking at the “About Us” section on the charity’s website.

What Is The Track Record Of The Charity?

It’s important to choose a reputable organization when you decide to donate to military families. Take a moment to visit the organization’s website and ask other people who have donated before. How was their experience? Would they recommend it to you?

How To Check Charity Ratings – Give With Confidence

It’s important to choose a reputable organization when you decide to donate to military families. Take a moment to visit the organization’s website and ask other people who have donated before. How was their experience? Would they recommend it to you?

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator is a website that evaluates charities and provides information on their financial health, accountability and transparency. Charity Navigator also rates charities on how efficiently they use donations to achieve their goals. This information can help donors make informed decisions about where to donate their money.

Charity Navigator

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GuideStar is a website that provides information on nonprofit organizations. It includes data on the organization’s financials, governance, programs and impact. GuideStar also assigns a star rating to each nonprofit organization to indicate its transparency and accountability.


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GreatNonprofits is a website that allows people to review and rate nonprofit organizations. It is a valuable resource for people looking to donate to a charity or learn more about a specific charity.


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Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews are valuable to prospective donors because they offer an unfiltered, first-hand perspective of the nonprofit organization.

Facebook reviews are unique in that they allow individuals to post their thoughts and experiences publicly, which can be helpful for other donors who are considering donations to a particular nonprofit. Additionally, nonprofits can use Facebook reviews to get feedback and improve their products or services.

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Donating to a military charity is a great way to show your support for those who have served our country. But with so many different organizations, it can be challenging to determine the best fit for you. By asking yourself these five questions, you can be sure that you select the right military charity for your donation.

Yellow Ribbon Fund is a top-rated national charity that takes its mission seriously. Since 2005, the organization has helped ______ military service members and ____ military caregivers across the United States. Yellow Ribbon Fun is one of the most responsible military nonprofits in America. Don’t take our word? Check out Charity Navigator, which awarded Yellow Ribbon Fund an “Exceptional” rating with a 100 out of 100 score in accountability and transparency.

To help Yellow Ribbon Fund reach even more severely-wounded, ill and injured service members and their families, please visit or call 240-223-1180.

For any post-9/11 military families with a severely wounded, injured, or sick service member looking for support, please contact Yellow Ribbon Fund at or call 240-223-1180.

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